Hi there!

I am Raul Zarza and I am a full stack developer focused on javascript.

Why program?

Simple, because you can create wonderful things that can help many people. Because it's like seeing the bones that hold the current society ... and even more impressive, you can add parts, repair or transform it to your liking.

How did I start?

I was always curious and wanted to create an app for swimmers and coaches, after two months in ireland, without work and without friends, I found platzi and Freddy Vega in Youtube. One year on platzi and then I took my own course learning more on a specific topic, Javascript.

My experience?

I started about 3 years ago,When I had no idea what html was. Today I can create and implement by myself some moderately complex web applications.

More importantly, I know what to look for, where and how, I am not afraid to learn or ask.

Javascript seems like a whole world unto itself, and every time I learn something new. It's like everything could be written in js and And that makes me sfeel like no matter how much time passes or how much I learn, I will never finish learn it. Now I'm comfortable with that idea, before I was terrified

NODE.JS, REACT, MONGO and the rest of API have been the center of my attention, now NEXT, DOCKER and GRAPHQL are on the list.

Know more?

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